This page provides you access to all of my favourite links.  Whether it be blogs that I follow or just a awesome site that I have stumbled across.
Please feel free to visit them and show them your support

Custom Blog Design- (Designer/Blog) Dianna was the fantastic woman who created my blog design.  She knew exactly what I wanted and created it within a week

Bakerella- (Blog) Bakerella was the one woman/blog that inspired me to go down the path of blogging.  It is very yummy, you should have a look

The Pioneer Woman- (Blog) Ree (what a co-inky-dink, just spelt different) inspired the path that I wanted to take with my blog.  Bakerella inspired the cooking part, The Pioneer Woman inspired me to add more to it than just cooking.

Fat Mum Slim-  Fat Mum Slim does a weekly photography challenge 'Point & Shoot'.  The aim is to share a little of your weekend with the blogging community through a photograph.  Good fun to participate in.

Foodie Blog Roll- I am featured on the Foodie Blog Roll website, which is a blogroll dedicated to the foodies out there in blogging land.  Great food blogs and plenty of inspiration.


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