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Welcome to my blog ‘RhiDiscover’.  As you can probably see there is a little play on words in the header with all the ‘Rhi’ floating about.  Well my name is Rhianna and this blog aims to RhiDiscover myself and my hobbies using this online space.  It will consist of three main components (and probably some random ones along the way); RhiCapture, RhiDesign and RhiCreate.  Each one has a specific meaning in my life and it is my great pleasure to share them with you.

RhiCapture- I love photos and memories, so I will include my amateur photographs that I take with the new love of my life (Canon DSLR)

RhiDesign- I love crafty things and the elements of design, so I will include some of my design arty farty crafty work

RhiCreate- I love food food glorious food, so I will include my kitchen creations. Be warned... There may be A LOT of sugar in these recipes and creations. My sweet tooth gets the better of me sometimes

I’ll give you a run down on myself and my life so you can understand where I am coming from throughout this blog, as it might seem like a bit of a strange combination.  I am a high school teacher who educates the youth of today all about computers and food technology.  By creating this blog it still keeps me up-to-date with technology and also I can showcase some of my creations, from the kitchen to the craft corner. 

I got the inspiration to start blogging when I stumbled across Bakerella’s site and her famous cake pops.  I was instantly intrigued and started making some of my own balls and then it got me thinking... I could do something like this.  This is when I started surfing the net for more blogs and more inspiration.  I didn’t realise blogging was such a big thing.  Another blog that gave me inspiration on what to broadcast on this blogosphere was The Pioneer Woman.  Her blog showcases many aspects of her life which created great variety to follow. 

Now, once I get an idea in my head that was it, full steam ahead.  But I couldn’t have a plain old boring blog.  I wanted something unique.  I wanted it to spell “Rhianna”.  So I did some research when I came across Dianna at ‘Custom Blog Designs’.  She knew exactly what I wanted and created it for me in a jiffy.  And now you’re looking at the end result.... Taaaa Daaaarr!!!

I hope you enjoy following the adventures in my everyday life.  Comment comment comment!!! I want to know what you think.


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