Sunday, April 10, 2011

iPad in the Kitchen???

This week I have upgraded from my iPhone 3 to the iPhone 4 and it has sent me a little bit Apple mad.  As I was walking past the Apple Store today on my shopping travels, jam packed inside were hundreds (a little exaggeration) of people, all Apple mad the same as me.  It got me thinking...  What are the different uses for the iPad?  What is the difference between a child and an adult wanting an iPad?  A mother and a professional?  

Then I asked myself the question... Why do I want an iPad? I have a desktop PC and a laptop, do I need an iPad?  How would it be beneficial to my life?

Answer... And I thought it was a pretty good one too... I would most definitely use an iPad in the kitchen.  It is the perfect kitchen utensil.  Long gone are the days where you go out and buy an abundance of cook books (although I do have a box full).  If you want a recipe the first place most people go these days is online.  It is light weight and compact enough to have on hand in the kitchen.  It would probably fit nice and snug on a recipe book holder for easy reading.  And most of all you can have your blogs or recipe websites right on hand when you are in the kitchen creating a masterpiece.

Do you think I have justified the use of iPad enough to get one now?   If I'm a good girl, maybe the birthday fairy or Santa will be nice to me this year.


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