Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter is coming... What did you EGG-spect!!!

As its that time of year again and the Easter long weekend is fast approaching now, I decided to put up some EGG-cellent cupcake toppers to share.  This way you can brighten up your Easter Feaster with these colourful masterpieces.  I use a 2" punch to cut these out and stick them onto toothpicks or lollypop sticks.

I have been at a work course this week so I haven't had time to bake, otherwise I would have posted photos of Easter cupcakes with these toppers in them.  Hopefully I get time over the long weekend to do some baking.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and I'll see you after the long weekend.

Easter Toppers

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What have you been cooking this Easter?

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