Sunday, March 27, 2011

RhiCreate does School Expo...

Whilst I have been a busy little bee at work, I did manage to scrape in some RhiCreate time.  We had our first ever open school expo and my foodie kids were catering for the event.  I was trying to think of something with a WOW factor, then it came to me... Cupcakes and lolly bags.  I made the printables for the cupcakes with our school emblem and made the lolly bags filled with lolly pineapples (school colours... green and yellow).

These were a great hit with staff, students and our welcomed guests.  So liked in fact, that the newspaper choose to put my catering kidlets and their wonderful platter of cupcakes in the local newspaper.  I was such a proud teacher.  These are the days when teaching is such a rewarding job and I couldn't think of doing anything else.

***School name and emblem have been blurred for privacy reasons


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