Sunday, March 27, 2011

RhiCreate does School Expo...

Whilst I have been a busy little bee at work, I did manage to scrape in some RhiCreate time.  We had our first ever open school expo and my foodie kids were catering for the event.  I was trying to think of something with a WOW factor, then it came to me... Cupcakes and lolly bags.  I made the printables for the cupcakes with our school emblem and made the lolly bags filled with lolly pineapples (school colours... green and yellow).

These were a great hit with staff, students and our welcomed guests.  So liked in fact, that the newspaper choose to put my catering kidlets and their wonderful platter of cupcakes in the local newspaper.  I was such a proud teacher.  These are the days when teaching is such a rewarding job and I couldn't think of doing anything else.

***School name and emblem have been blurred for privacy reasons


RhiDiscover Collage...

My posts have been very few this month.  Work has been hectic and I haven't had much time for fun crafty stuff or cooking.  I did use my crafty skills at work so I'll try and get the post up for that soon.  So I decided to do a little digital collage using RhiWords from RhiDiscover.  I would love to get one of these done on canvas to hang in the wall of my study.  That is when my study is complete of course, hence the renovations are barely, if even at all, under way.  One day!!!

Check out Wordle to make your own digital collage.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quarter of a Century Celebrations...

My sister came to me and asked if I would make her boyfriend a cake for his birthday.  Of course I said yes, he is like family.  Then she asked if I could make a jersey cake... a 'Rabbitohs' jersey cake.  I was up for the challenge.

I didn't make the cake this time, I was too busy with work and I didn't have a big enough tin.  My sister got her friend to make the choc-caramel mud swirl cake.

My sister and I got to bed at 2am the night before the birthday celebrations.  This cake took time.  I am not afraid to say that it isn't the best I have done.  The icing was too stretchy and thin so there were cracks.  Looking back I know what I could've done to avoid this, but can't do anything about that now other than learn from my mistakes.  If you stood on the other side of the room and didn't look up close it looked ok.

Besides my qualms over the cake, Dan absolutely loved it.  He is a MAD South Sydney Rabbitohs supporter so this was a really nice surprise.  He loved it so much we weren't allowed to cut it.  So no one got cake last night.

Happy 25th Birthday to the bestest brother-in-law-to-be-someday-very-soon-I-hope.

Note: South Sydney Rabbitohs logo comes from the official South Sydney Football club website


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