Friday, November 19, 2010

Cakes from the beginning...

I thought that I would share some of the cakes that I have made prior to this blog.  I just do these cakes as a hobby for friends and family, so each cake is made with love and has a little story behind it.

This was the first cake I made in my cake decorating class.  Myself and Monny slogged out Saturdays mornings to learn how to create these masterpieces.  By far not the best but not to bad for a beginner.

I made this cake for my friends who were celebrating their 25th birthday.  This was my first attempt at the chocolate shards, a little too think.  The cake was yummy though.

I made this wedding cake for my dear friends Karina and Luke for their special day.  Thanks to Monny who is the bestest cake cooker and I decorated.  I used a white chocolate ganache, topped with fresh native flowers.

This was the surprise cake I made for my dad's 50th.  He is a panel beater so I didn't think that a cake with flowers was going to cut it.  Once again, Monny baked the delish cake and I decorated it.  Black icing is NOT fun to work with.  Never again.

My dear friend Ajay was marrying her beau Wes and she asked me to make her cake.  After carefully planning we saw eye to eye on exactly what she wanted.  Ajay chose the love birds for the top (no they are not seals) and we went with the chocolate and silver theme.  The silver smarties were a great finishing touch and edible too.

So that's my cake portfolio so far.  Still amateur but still practicing and evolving with every cake I decorate.  I have another to do this weekend so there will be photos up very soon.  Keep an eye out.


Kate November 19, 2010 at 7:43 PM  

very special rhianna!! love that your friends had a great friend to create their cakes for their special day :)

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